Logan Kraft's Bio

Logan grew up surrounded by music.  With an uncle in a blue grass band that often played at family parties and a father that always had music playing in the house he was hooked at an early age.  He began taking piano lessons in 3rd grade and the trumpet soon followed.  He played in the marching band and symphonies through out high school and college, but did not pick up the guitar until he was 18.  "Senior year of high school was my first introduction to being in a rock n' roll band and at the time all I could do was sing.  During our one and only performance it was incredibly obvious that the guitarists were having more fun on stage than I was so I knew I had to start teaching myself the guitar."

During his college years Logan studied mechanical engineering at Virginia Tech, but throughout his college years learning to play the guitar took on a larger and more important role in his life. By the time he was a junior, Logan spent the majoirty of his free time on the guitar. Upon graduation Logan took a job with the Navy as a civilian engineer, but also saw this as the time to begin his career in music.

After college, Logan began playing at open mic nights up to five times a week, sometimes driving up to two hours each way just to do so. Along with playing guitar around the DC Metro area and writing his own music and lyrics, Logan began recording a CD with producer Dave Mallen of
Innovation Station Music.  It was during this time that the Logan Kraft Band slowly began to come together.  In addition to forming the band, Logan teamed up with another local performer, Katie Ribik.  The two formed the acoustic duo, Katie and Logan (because the website loganandkatie.com had already been purchased) and began playing at restaurants, weddings and private events.

Logan’s influences:
Aerosmith, Zac Brown Band, John Mayer, Colin Hay, Goo Goo Dolls, Andy McKee, Hootie & the Blow Fish, Mumford & Sons.
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