Al Kraft

Al is the band's bass player and also the sound engineer for most live performances. He has been playing in bands for over 40 years, covering virtually every style of music including classical, jazz/big band, rock, country and bluegrass. Al has performed with many different groups over the years in venues ranging from the President's Park at the White House to the back hills of West Virginia. While he has always enjoyed the down home feel of Bluegrass (playing guitar or bass), his bass style was heavily influenced by the folk, rock and Motown sounds of the 1960's and early 1970's - elements of which live on in a lot of today's country music.

Over the years there were a lot of opportunities to leave his job as an engineer in Naval Aviation and become a full time musician. However, Al was dedicated to his federal career as a first priority, but always maintained a shadow career as a musician. He was inspired to start playing bass as a primary instrument by an old friend, Glen McCarthy, when he and Al were in a jazz band that performed at all the Washington Diplomats soccer games in the late 1970's. Al was a trombone player in that group and Glen was the bass player. Glen once told Al that a good bass player is one that you only notice when they stop playing. Al has kept that thought as the core of his style.

As for being a member of the Logan Kraft Band, Al sums it up this way: "After decades of playing music and probably more than a thousand performances, this is one of the most exciting groups I've ever played with. The talent and background of the individual musicians are as impressive as they are varied, and nothing makes for a more interesting and exciting sound than a combination like this."

Al's bass influences, in addition to Glen, include Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna (Jack Casady), The Guess Who (Jim Kale), anything Motown (especially with the Funk Brothers' James Jamerson or Bob Babbitt) and the great session musicians Donald "Duck" Dunn and Tommy Cogbill. Other influences came from the music of the Woodstock days as well as incredible artists like Gordon Lightfoot, Bonnie Raitt, Van Morrison, Sheryl Crow, Tony Rice, New Grass Revival, Doc Watson and Alison Krauss and Union Station. While Al enjoys incorporating new licks and styles into his playing, you will likely detect a lot of old school bass in what he brings to the Logan Kraft Band.
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